Episode 26

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner is an author, speaker and media personality who founded Steiner Sports, a sports marketing and memorabilia company, in 1987 and grew it into a $50 million empire and the most successful sports memorabilia company of its kind. He has worked with some of the biggest athletes and brands in the world, and also is widely known for having bought the old Yankee Stadium.

Today, Brandon speaks worldwide to audiences primarily on the topic of how to grow your business by differentiating yourself from your competitors through building relationships, motivating your team, increasing productivity, and anticipating your customers’ needs. He is also the founder and CEO of CollectibleXchange and The Steiner Agency.


  • 1:04: Introduction
  • 2:53: Brandon discusses the impact that growing up poor had on his life.
  • 11:32: Nick and Brandon talk about what it means to provide value to your customers.
  • 15:12: Brandon reflects on his time spent as the manager of the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC.
  • 16:58: Brandon discusses how he began incorporating sports into his work.
  • 18:44: Brandon talks about how and why he launched his company Steiner Sports.
  • 22:17: Brandon talks about how he got his start with sports memorabilia.
  • 24:16: Brandon reflects on his partnership with the Yankees baseball organization.
  • 28:37: Learn about what Brandon is doing now with the Steiner Agency and Collectible Xchange.
  • 30:22: Brandon talks about some of the most memorable collectible items he has come across.
  • 34:51: Learn more about Brandon's latest book, "Living On Purpose"
  • 38:31: Brandon recalls some of his favorite lessons learned from working with great athletes.
  • 40:52: Outro


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