Episode 8

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Keith Ferrazzi

Co-elevation is used to lead, connect, and elevate ourselves and others — both powerfully and effectively

Host Nick Nanton talks with Keith Ferrazzi about the term he coined, “co-elevation,” why networking begins with providing enough value to people, and serve, share, care — the inspiration behind his new book, Leading Without Authority.


  • 3:20: Growing up Keith Ferrazzi
  • 5:20: What Keith learned while caddying
  • 9:02: Philosophy on the foster care system
  • 13:45: Lessons learned from the transition from Deloitte to Starwood
  • 18:17: Networking — and why we live in one
  • 22:34: The key points of co-elevation
  • 28:01: Who’s your team in co-elevation 
  • 30:16: The concept that it’s not all on you
  • 31:49: Earning permission to lead
  • 33:45: Share your story so that others can connect with you
  • 34:43: How to stop commanding and start inviting
  • 36:19: Keith’s main takeaways


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