Episode 51

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Rebecca Zung

It's time to SLAY your future negotiations!

On the latest episode of Now to Next, we welcome Rebecca Zung, Attorney and Negotiation Expert, for a deep dive into her world and the complexities alongside it. Rebecca has become an expert on dealing with, and negotiating with, narcissistic people. She's created a very successful YouTube channel and provides guidance on navigating these complex relationships in our lives.

In today's episode, we dive into her story and what led her down this unique road!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on our guest

0:30 - Who is Rebecca Zung?

1:10 - Dealing with narcissism throughout her life

4:15 - Loving Vs. Virginia

6:50 - Being bullied as a child near Washington, DC

9:40 - Recognizing someone as a narcissist

12:06 - Narcissists target people who hold value

14:45 - Traits of a covert narcissist

17:22 - "Welcome to Hell!"

21:18 - You're not going to remain friends with these people

21:58 - What does S.L.A.Y. mean?

24:00 - How to create or recognize leverage

27:13 - Begin to anticipate their actions and words

29:30 - Know you are going to win before you show up

31:48 - Empathy is so important

35:50 - What is "love bombing?"

39:00 - How to connect with Rebecca Zung online

39:30 - Closing remarks

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