Episode 46

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat: Remi Adeleke

On the latest installment of Now to Next, we're so excited to welcome Remi Adeleke back to the show for another great conversation! Remi, a former Navy SEAL, author, and filmmaker, has just released his latest movie entitled "The Unexpected."

The film captures the horrific reality of organ harvesting and means to bring awareness to this global issue.

Join us for an enlightening conversation on this issue and some key takeaways on such a controversial topic.


0:25 - Introduction and overview on Remi

1:45 - Remi's appearance on Michael Bay's film "Ambulance"

2:50 - How Remi chose the topic of his movie The Unexpected

6:29 - The horrific reality of human trafficking

9:05 - Human trafficking is happening right here in our country

10:20 - Best way to support Remi and see his new movie The Unexpected

11:24 - What is organ harvesting?

17:50 - Organ harvesting happens in the most vulnerable places worldwide

22:13 - The demand for organs is through the roof

25:45 - What Remi learned about himself and this topic while making the movie

30:00 - Directing scripted material and the challenges associated with that

31:45 - "You have to rely on others and their abilities to make something special"

34:58 - Where to learn more about Remi's fascinating life story

36:18 - Bringing awareness to this massive issue

39:13 - Closing remarks


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