Episode 47

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Steve Sims

What would you be able to achieve if you weren't afraid of being laughed at? Well, welcome back to Now to Next!

On our latest installment of the show, we're pleased to welcome Steve Sims, Founder & CEO of Bluefish, for a great discussion on Steve's new book "Go For Stupid"and the art of achieving ridiculous goals in your life.

As Steve puts, in this age of "gotcha" culture, it's important that we push through the negativity to achieve what matters most to us!


0:20 - Introduction and catching up with Steve

4:45 - Learning more about Steve's upcoming book "Go For Stupid"

7:14 - The network effect of meeting people at high levels

11:54 - You need to take the risks and bank on yourself

20:34 - The process of goal planning and goal setting

27:00 - Social awareness and the art of asking versus demanding

34:24 - Rejection hurts, but don't let it kill your goals

42:05 - The value within Steve's new book "Go For Stupid"

42:27 - The story around "Kenneth the Bartender"

47:00 - Closing remarks

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