Episode 48

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Alex Epstein

Welcome back to Now to Next!

We're thrilled to be joined by Alex Epstein, Philosopher and Energy Expert, for a deep dive into the pressing issues surrounding energy and environmental progress. We'll also explore some of the key themes Alex is sharing within his new book "Fossil Future."

Sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking conversation!


0:20 - Introduction and overview on the guest of the day

2:30 - How Alex got introduced into energy policy

5:00 - If you're talking about getting rid of something, you need to look at its benefits first

6:15 - The three basic worries with fossil fuels

8:50 - Alex's viewpoints on climate change

10:30 - How fossil fuels help alleviate drought

12:50 - Why this issue seems to be so political

15:50 - How Alex manages the positive and negative feedback on his viewpoints

19:41 - It's hard for people to find a middle ground on this issue

23:08 - Addressing the other forms of energy out there

29:45 - Example of using wind power to power hospitals

32:30 - EnergyTalkingPoints.com

38:00 - How well Alex's team vets their information, data and facts

43:47 - How the naysayers have impacted Alex personally

48:00 - You have to love what you're doing for the negative feedback to not matter

51:00 - What's on the horizon for Alex

53:50 - Closing remarks

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