Episode 49

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Chad Willardson

Welcome back to Now to Next!

On the latest installment of the show, we're excited to be joined by Chad Willardson, Author and Founder of Pacific Capital, for a deep dive into his latest book "Smart Not Spoiled," as well as the valuable financial skills we should be teaching our children.

If you're a parent and you're wondering how these financial conversations will play out with your young (or future) children, look no further!


0:06 - Welcome to the show and introduction on Chad Willardson

2:20 - Chad's upbringing and early perception of money

6:22 - Jack Canfield's flying analogy

7:40 - "Once I hit a certain number, everything will be fine"

8:50 - Spreading wealth and money decisions across multiple children

12:47 - Where to begin your financial discussions with your children

15:26 - "Borrow wisely"

17:49 - A portion of every paycheck should be saved and invested for your future

22:03 - Find a wealth strategy that helps you sleep better at night

27:36 - Expect your children to screw up financially a few times

33:00 - Chad's experience with an NBA player and his 7-figure rookie deal

37:10 - "Protect who and what you care about"

41:42 - "I can't until..."

44:25 - You don't invest unless you have a faith in a brighter future

46:20 - Closing remarks

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