Episode 33

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Dr. Edward "Ned" Hallowell

Today Nick Nanton sits down with Dr. Edward "Ned" Hallowell, a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist and world authority on ADHD. A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School, he was a Harvard Medical School faculty member for 21 years. He is the Founder of six Hallowell ADHD Centers in the USA.

He has spent the past four decades helping thousands of adults and children live happy and productive lives through his strength-based approach to neurodiversity. He has ADHD and dyslexia himself. Dr. Hallowell is a New York Times bestselling author of 20 books. His groundbreaking Distraction series, which began with Driven to Distraction, co-authored with Dr. John Ratey, sparked a revolution in the understanding of ADHD. A regular columnist for ADDitude magazine, he also hosts the weekly podcast Distraction where he explores how to implement strategies to turn modern problems into new-found strengths. Dr. Hallowell has been featured on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Oprah, The Today Show, and in Newsweek, USA Today, Time Magazine, and many more.


  • 2:33: Dr. Hallowell explains why he wrote his latest book, "ADHD 2.0"
  • 5:15: Nick asks Dr. Hallowell to explain the current classifications for different types of ADHD
  • 8:44: Dr. Hallowell explains the connection between ADHD and struggling with the perception of time
  • 14:32: Dr. Hallowell gives a positive counter-trait for the three negative traits associated with ADHD - Distractibility, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity
  • 21:01: Dr. Hallowell delves into neuroscience to explain the Demon mentality which sheds light on ADHD tendencies and how to redirect them.
  • 27:58: Dr. Hallowell talks about the healing power of connection and "finding your right difficult"
  • 35:39: Nick asks Dr. Hallowell to give his professional opinion on medication and natural remedies that are meant to treat ADHD


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