Episode 11

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Joe de Sena

Joe de Sena is CEO and founder of Spartan Race, a New York Times best-seller, and a popular keynote speaker and podcast host. Host Nick Nanton and Joe discuss three business/life lessons that Joe got from the most unlikely of sources, the entrepreneurial mindset of serving first, and the evolution of Spartan Race. Nick and Joe also talk about the people that inspire Joe to get after it every day, work-life integration, the challenge of teaching persistence to children, and focusing on the things in life that you can control.


  • 3:51: How growing up in Queens shaped the early parts of Joe’s life
  • 7:13: Proving value before expecting anything in return
  • 9:33: Joe’s farm in Vermont — and how it came to be
  • 15:40: Knowing when enough is enough — and when to stop being soft
  • 19:19: Joe’s love for insane races — including “Death Race"
  • 23:01: Embracing "the suck”
  • 27:25: Why it’s difficult to build persistence in children
  • 31:33: Spartan Race and the Spartan Mentality
  • 33:01: Are Spartan Races more mental than physical?
  • 34:22: “Spartan Up” - everyone matters 
  • 36:56: Joe’s changed business model due to COVID-19 
  • 39:48: “Spartan Way” — metabolic health 
  • 42:56: Joe’s system for time management 
  • 44:59: How to exercise your motivational muscle
  • 46:54: Worrying too much is a time-waster
  • 49:38: Burpees are the most efficient workout in the world


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