Episode 10

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is an IT risk consultant, speaker, and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author of The Bezos Letters. Host Nick Nanton and Steve talk about the 14 principles grouped into four cycles that Bezos references in his shareholder letters, Amazon’s culture of experimenting and inventing, and creating meaningful differentiation through Amazon Go and Kindle. Nick and Steve also discuss understanding your flywheel — Amazon’s secret sauce for to making their business grow, and the incremental differences between type one and type two decisions.


  • 1:13: Who is Steve Anderson — in his own words
  • 4:25: Return on risk
  • 6:36: Encourage successful failures
  • 13:41: Meaningful differentiation
  • 20:13: Culture of innovation
  • 21:55: Creating customer obsession
  • 25:52: Share-owners not shareholders
  • 28:39: Understand your flywheel
  • 31:33: Generating high-velocity decisions
  • 35:02: Only hire people you admire
  • 40:08: Always show up and believe it’s day one


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